Add Final Grade Comments

When entering a final grade comment, you can use plain text, HTML, and predefined comments. After entering a final grade comment, this information may be shared with administrators, parents, and students. In order for parents and student to view this information, you need to publish it.

Use the Fill Comments feature to fill comments for all student. For more information, see Fill Comments.

Note: Comment length is defined by your PowerSchool administrator and may be limited to a certain number of characters, which may not be exceeded.

How to Add a Final Grade Comment

  1. Select a class from the Classes pane.

  2. Click the Scoresheet tab, then click Final Grades mode. The Scoresheet Final Grades window appears.

  3. Click the final grade field of the student for which you want to enter a final grade comment.

  4. Do one of the following:

The Final Grade Score Inspector dialog displays the final grade details.

  1. Manually enter final grade comments in the Comment field. Smart Text fields can be manually entered, or copied and pasted from a separate file, if needed.

  2. Click Comment Bank to select one or more predefined comments. Smart Text options display the appropriate information once selected. For more information on Smart Text, see Add Comments to the Personal Comment Bank.

  3. To filter comments that display in the Comment Bank:

  4. Use the Previous and Next arrows to add comments for each student, if applicable.

  5. Click Save on the Scoresheet window. A blue circular ā€œCā€ appears within the selected student final grade field.